Band Description

The Ultimate Queen Celebration is a 5-piece band comprised of sole lead vocalist Marc Martel, accompanied by a short list of uber-talented musicians, including Brandon Ethridge (keys), Tristan Avakian (guitar), Jason Gianni (Drums), Mike Cohen (bass), Angus Clark (guitar), J.R. McNeely (bass), and others, depending on the show’s location and players’ availability.

Marc Martel

Lead Singer, Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar 

Originally from Montreal, Canada but now resides in Nashville, TN 

  • His videos have been seen by over 34 million people on YouTube and Facebook 
  • 5-time Juno Award winner

  •  Has performed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", "American Idol", Radio-Canada TV's "En direct de l’Universe" at the request of Céline Dion, and recorded for network shows like TBS/Conan

  •  Has recorded songs for Ubisoft's video games "Just Dance 2017" and "Just Dance 2018"
  •  Has performed for multiple sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby "Opening Night",  Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, Charlotte Hornets, and  the San Francisco Giants 

Brandon Ethridge

Musical Director, Keyboards and Backing Vocals 

Originally from Wichita, Kansas but now resides in New York City

  • Currently works on the Broadway show, "School of Rock"
  • Has played with Night Ranger and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
  • Was the Musical Director and keyboardist of the musicals "Rock of Ages", "Rocky Horror Show", and "We Will Rock You"

Tristan Avakian

Lead Guitar (Electric) and Backing Vocals

Originally from New York City, but now resides in Toronto, Canada 

  • Former lead guitarist of Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Former lead guitarist of Cirque du Soleil's, "Quidam"
  • Former lead guitarist in "Rock of Ages"
  • Guitar 1 for Toronto's run of the Broadway musical, "Book of Mormon"
  • Guitar 1 for Toronto's run of the smash hit musical, "We Will Rock You"
  • Guitar 1 for the Canadian production of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, "Kinky Boots"
  • Guitar 1 for the Canadian production of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, "Come From Away"

  • Principal: singer/songwriter/instrumentalist for, "As Waters"

  • Recorded guitar on Mariah Carey's album, "Daydream"

  • Teaching clients include: Lauryn Hill, Rohan Marley, Chynna Phillips, Billy Baldwin, and Adrien Brody.


Jason Gianni

Drums & Backing Vocals

Born and raised in Livingston, NJ

  • Instructor at the prestigious "Drummers Collective" in New York City  
  • Chairman of the Drum Set department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia

  • A session drummer for countless television and radio commercials, he is most known for being the drummer for the theme song for the popular cartoon, 'Spongebob Squarepants’

  •  Former back up drummer for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  •  Plays drums for the Broadway & touring hit musical 'Rock of Ages,'

  • Has performed drum clinics throughout Italy, Switzerland, China, in Spain


Mike Cohen

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals  

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada 

  • Has performed with "We Will Rock You U.S.A."
  • Has performed with "American Idiot the Musical"
  • Has performed with Dan Davidson, Chris Buck, KO, Daniel Wesley, Alyssa Ried, Mark Masri, The Music of Queen Rock and Symphonic Spectacular, Bollywood Monster Mashup Orchestra, Rebel Emergency, Burning the Day

Angus Clark